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Backflow Testing & Prevention Sydney

Sydney Plumbers Corp is a prominent backflow prevention company that services the Sydney Metropolitan area. We supply, install and test backflow prevention devices across multiple industries such as hospitality, healthcare, strata, and commercial as well as domestic applications.


All backflow prevention devices must have annual testing; this includes RPZ Valves, Backflow Prevention Devices and Dual Check Valves.


Backflow occurs when the water flow in your pipes is reversed, which can happen for a variety of reasons, but always requires a professional inspection, test, and certification process to be performed before you can safely use your water again.

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Our Backflow Prevention Services

When it comes to backflow prevention our expert plumbers have not only had extensive training but also vast experience in installing, maintaining and repairing backflow prevention devices.

  • Supply and installation
  • Testing and certification
  • Valve protection / vandal deterrents
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Audits and reports
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What is backflow and backflow prevention?

The term backflow refers to the reverse flow of unwanted contaminated water that makes its way into the main water supply from either a residential or commercial system. This contaminated water will contaminate the main supply if contact between the two is made.

Backflow prevention is the device that is installed to stop the cross-contamination from occurring by not allowing the contaminated water to head back into the main supply.

Adequate backflow prevention is not only a compliance issue, it can help protect employees, families, and neighbouring properties from contaminated fresh water and the risk of life-threatening disease.  That’s why it can be so important to choose a professional plumbing company with more than 30 years experience of servicing the backflow prevention needs in Sydney.  Our plumbers are fully trained, licensed and insured.  Not only that, but you can be sure of professional, on-time service at a time of your choosing.

Potential sources of water contamination include:

Air-conditioning units

Chemical injection areas

Fire hose reels (FHR)


Painting booths


Swimming pools

Vehicle/bin-washing bays

And more

If you would like to book your annual backflow  prevention Sydney, call us to schedule a time that is most convenient for you.