Do I need a Plumber?

Do I need a Plumber?

Knowing when to call a professional plumber can be a tough decision and knowing when to call one can save you money. When it’s a major job or something which could potentially be dangerous, you should always employ the help of professional plumbers in Sydney. If you try to fix a major plumbing problem on your own, it can lead to extensive damage that can cause structural damage to your home too.

Below is a few things which will definitely require a plumber to fix and diagnose –

  • You have a burst pipe
  • There is no water in the house
  • You have a drainage leak
  • You have a gas leak from a gas appliance or hot water heater
  • Your toilet is overflowing

When To Hire A Plumber

You should always keep the number of a professional Sydney plumber handy for routine maintenance and emergencies. More importantly, have the proper information to know when it’s time to call a problem.

Low water pressure

Having low water pressure in your home can be due to a lot of different causes. Rust and debris can be the main culprit that leads to low water pressure. A professional plumber can diagnose and determine whether the issue is coming from city water supply or private mains.

No Hot Water

It’s hard to determine the loss of hot water, if there isn’t a leak. There are differences between gas and electrical hot water heaters and here’s what to look for:
Gas Hot Water Heaters Issues Can Arise From thermo-couple burners and igniters. A lot of times, all that will be required is to reignite the burner and this is something which you can usually do yourself, just be sure to follow the manufacturers instructions.
Electrical Hot Water Heater Issues Can Arise From heating elements – circuit breakers – blown fuses – faulty thermostats – faulty overload switch and will usually require a plumber to diagnose the problem.
Replacing a hot water heater is something which should be carried out by a professional.

No Water to Home

You will definitely want to call your plumber if you have no water to your home as it could mean that significant damage has occurred somewhere in your pipes –

Sewer Line blocked – If you have a bad clog in the line that runs out to the sewer, it could lead to an inability to stop the sewer line from backing up.

Frozen Pipes – When your pipe freezes it can crack or bust. If it drastically gone bad, it’s time to call a professional plumber. You can thaw a pipe with a hair dryer or heat gun, but a professional plumber may replace part of the pipe to fix the issue long term.

Overflowing toilet

Here is something you never want to have happen to you! Not only will you no longer have use of the toilet, but there’s potential for water damage and unsanitary situation. You can stop the toilet from overflowing in an emergency by turning off the water supply valve which is usually located right next to the toilet (If there is no valve, remove the top of the toilet and rig the chain the shut off the flow.) Call a plumber right away, and start putting down towels to absorb as much water to prevent it from flowing into the rest of your home

Slow Running Drains

Blockages are common when it comes to plumbing. Some blockages can be fixed simply with plunger and elbow grease. But if the plunger doesn’t help or if it keeps coming back, you will need to call a plumber to fix the issue.

Your plumber will use CCTV drain inspection equipment to  check the pipes to see what is causing the issue. Many things such as grease, hair or tree roots could be the culprit.

Any drains which repeatedly gets blocked should be looked at by a licensed plumber as small blockages can turn into complete blockages over time which will cost more time and money to fix. Click here if you need some tips on how to unblock your kitchen sink


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