Reasons for Low Water Pressure in Home

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Why is Water Pressure Low in Your Home

There’s nothing more frustrating then trying to take a relaxing hot shower, only to have a very weak flow coming from your shower head. This is when you can be sure you have a problem with water pressure in your home. You can try to diagnose the reason for your low pressure water before calling your licensed plumber Sydney. The following user-friendly guide discusses a few common ideas that can be used to resolve your low water pressure.

Top Reasons You Could Be Experiencing Low Water Pressure

Check Your Fixtures and Taps

Examine your other taps and fixtures such as your kitchen faucet and bath tub to see if they are also having weak flow. If the issue is only with the shower or in one area of their home, the issue is most likely with the fixtures being clogged or faulty taps. In fact, your shower heads may be clogged because of a dirt or grime build-up. You can replace your shower head or clean it with vinegar and water to resolve low pressure issues. If you’re going through low water pressure in other specific areas of your home, you can try the same cleaning method to relieve your faucet or tap of low water pressure.

Check Your Hot Water System

Your hot water system can be the culprit behind low water pressure. When your hot water tank is not functioning properly, this could result in low water pressure in your home. The shut off valve on your hot water heater can be partially turned off or shut off. You should always hire a professional plumber to diagnose issues with your hot water tank.

Low Water Pressure due to Faulty Water Main Valve

Your water main valve can also be the cause of low water pressure. A mineral or sediment buildup can be the cause of your main valve malfunctioning. In fact, if you’ve had plumbing work done at your home recently, the main valve may have not be open completely causing your home to have low water pressure. Your valve should always be opened and closed gently to avoid damages.

Low Water Pressure Due to Blocked Pipes

Customers can be going through low water pressure because of blocked pipes. If you suspect that your pipes are clogged, it’s not an issue that you should try to fix on your own. Older residences often times experience issues with their pipes. However, a professional plumber, can use a CCTV camera monitoring system to determine what’s clogging up your pipes. The issue can be expensive problem, but is best resolved by a professional.

Leaking Pipes Causing Low Water Pressure

Leaks in your pipes can also be the reason that your home is going through the phase of low water pressure. Leaking pipes can indicate that water is not reaching critical elements of your home.
Signs Of Leaking Water Pipes Can Include:
– flaking or scaly paint – damp or foul odors – noise behind the walls – carpet discoloration by the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room – signs of water around the ceiling and fittings

Check for Main Water Supply Problems

The main supply line could be the reason you’re going through low water pressure throughout your home. Plumbing work in your neighborhood could be the reason you’re going through low water pressure too. Check with your neighbors to see if they’re going through low water pressure in their home which can determine if it’s work being done in your neighborhood causing the low water pressure as this can determine whether you need a plumber

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