What to do When Tap is Leaking

What to do when your tap is leaking

What To Do When You Have A Leaking Tap

Having a leaking tap can be annoying and aggravating. More importantly. a leaking tap is wasting water and hurting your wallet. A few drips a minute can end up wasting litres of water. Ignoring the problem can lead to things getting much worse.

What Causes Taps To Leak

Leaking pipes or taps are caused by damaged parts, poor installation, and/or normal wear. Leaking tap repairs are one of the most common callsĀ  we get and we see this as a simple general plumbing repair.

What You Need To Fix A Leaking Pipe Yourself

– WD40 – O-ring and replacement washer – Screwdriver or flatbed – C-wrench or adjustable wrench Step1: Make sure the first step is turning the water supply off. By turning on the tap, you can let any of the remaining water out. Step2: A flathead screwdriver will help you get the tap off. There is a screw under each handle. Once you unscrew the handle, you can gently remove the handle. You may find that removing it with WD40 works best. Step3: A tap with a metal cover can be unscrewed with a handle. Now, you have to remove the headgear and the bonnet. You should be able to see the large body washer, jump valve, and O-ring. The jumper valve will then fall out. Step4: Now inspect the O-ring and body washer for damages. If this is the part you’re replacing, you have to make sure it’s a perfect fit. Step5: You can now carefully reassemble all of the parts including the spindle and refitting the bonnet. Avoid stripping the nuts because they’re too tight. You can turn the water back on and test the water by turning on the tap.

Other Causes For Leaking Taps

– damaged plumbing – exhausted seals – loose parts – rust There are several D-I-Y guides that will suggests ways to fix your leaking tap, but it may be best to call a professional plumber if you aren’t much of a handyman and don’t have basic plumbing tools to do the job. In fact, even small plumbing issues which aren’t fixed properly can cause bigger damage down the line.

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